The Wanda Kline Collection

Wanda Kline

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Oil is Kline’s primary medium. She paints with palette knife and brush on large canvases, sometimes creating a thick impasto. Glazes give an added depth and luminosity. Her style can best be described as contemporary realism. The images are recognizable, depicted in a loose, painterly fashion. Her palette is clean and fresh and she mixes paint with great care. In recent years, extraordinary lush colors dominate Kline’s work.

The light, value, and drama of special places and people dominate her work. The images, enhanced by fond childhood memories, are nostalgic, caught in a time warp of the imagination. Kline shares her joy of growing up on a barrier island, and her paintings create a psychological hold on viewers. We want to be there, to relive sunny days, carefree times, beautiful gardens, family, and good friends.

Kline’s compositions are simple and easy to read, while the complexity of colors reveals an accomplished artist's hand. She creates a ripe, organic feel to landscapes, figures, and objects. Both warm and cool are evident on most canvases. The intense hot sun gives way to the relief of shade--under an umbrella, beneath a boardwalk, or along leafy garden path. Through Kline’s eyes, we experience nature as a continuously moving force that remains characteristically the same, year after year.

Her work evokes strong emotions. We've been there. We remember.