The Robert Baum Collection

Robert Baum

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"Baum’s abstract paintings pack a punch. Painted impasto with a vibrant energy, I feel the air, light, and wind.” — Peter Trippi, editor of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, and juror/judge at the Long Beach Island. N.J. Plein Air Plus competition, awarded Baum first place.

With his painting and sculpture, Baum says, “I’ve been influenced as much by Richard Diebenkorn and Isamu Nogushi as by Turner and Rodin. Every piece must have a strong abstract pattern of values or forms to build upon as well as a universal theme like harmony and connection."

Baum has been working directly from nature since sketching scenes on his grandfather's farm as a boy in Cross Keys, N.J. He returned to his love for art while in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. And after his tour of duty, he finished his bachelor's and master's degrees in education and art education at Rowan University. His career has spanned teaching as well as writing and editing for several magazines, all the while maintaining his gallery presence. He has now retired from teaching and journalism in order to paint and sculpt full time. Baum and his wife Carolyn make their home in Ocean City, NJ, and the gulf-coast community of Dunedin, Florida.

Baum is an artist member of Ocean City Fine Arts League, Dunedin Fine Art Center; as well as Artsbridge, Phillips Mill, and New Hope Arts (Pa.). He exhibits widely including the prestigious Phillips Mill show in Bucks County, Pa., where he has won three sculpture awards. He is represented by OCFAL, Clay College Gallery (Rowan University, N.J.), Dunedin Fine Art Center gallery, as well as online at

An Imperfect Storm, 24x30, Oil, $1,000 Atlantic, 10x10, Oil, $250 Atlantic Rhythm, 10x10, Oil, $250 Bali Hai, 36x48, Oil, $1,000 Dunes, 12x12, Oil, $250 Dunescape, 12x12, Oil, $250 Isle of Skye, 36x48, Acrylic, $1,000 North Atlantic, 24x36, Acrylic, $500 West of the Sun, 20x20, Oil, $500 Gisell, 8x12x20, $1,000