The Renee Leopardi Collection

Renee Leopardi

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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Renee moved to southern New Jersey in 2002 to start a family with her husband, Brett, who was raised in Northfield. They have two children Sam and Gabriella, who provide much inspiration as both motivation and subjects.

From early childhood, Renee has always been interested in art. She has pursued the love of art through workshops, self study, practice and teaching. Working primarily with soft pastels for the expressive nature of the medium, she enjoys plein air painting with other local artists.

She finds inspiration in the local seasonal landscapes of southern New Jersey; from the ocean and marshes to creeks and woods to farmland. When the weather isn’t so friendly, she and her painting friends move indoors to work on still life or the figure. Recently, she has found new inspiration and joy in teaching pastel and charcoal.

Gabriella, Age 3 - 9x12, Pastel Paul - 20x24, Pastel The Sunbathers - 9x12, Pastel Path Not Taken - 20x28, Pastel The Other Side - 20x30, Pastel Blue Shadows - 9x12, Pastel Just Before Dawn - 20x28, Pastel OC Sunset - 16x20, Pastel Moon Rise - 16x20, Pastel