In Memory of Michael Waters

Michael Waters

Michael passed away in December of 2022. He was a board member of the Ocean City Fine Arts League and was well known for his distinctive style.

I have an unorthodox approach in handling my materials, and I add varying texture to intangible forms and bold colors to create a visual pulse that gives the work added interest yet still results in classic balance and harmony.

A Taste of Honey - 30x30, Acrylic on Canvas Dance of the Infidels - 36x48, Acrylic on Canvas Heliotrope - 30x40, Mixed Media on Canvas Mood Indigo - 36x48, Mixed Media on Canvas Ritual - 36x48, Acrylic on Canvas Solis - 36x48, Acrylic on Canvas Will O' The Wisp - 22x24, Acrylic on Canvas Willow Weep For Me - 24x36, Acrylic on Canvas