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Merryl Cool

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I began creating art in 1978 at a pottery studio in Flint, Michigan and worked in this artistic medium for several years. I started painting in acrylics about 20 years ago as a way of expressing my feelings about the loss of my mother Sylvia, who was my creative inspiration.

My current body of work encompasses images of architecture, landscape and still life. My goal is to create a bold work of art that resonates with my interpretation of the subject. I accomplish this primarily through generous use of color and creation of unique compositions. Inspirations for my compositions come from travels and life experiences.

Numerous people have influenced my painting. They include artist and teacher Lance Balderson; artist and OCAC teacher Barbara Rosin, former OCAC teacher and artist Patti Ray Guckes; beloved and sadly missed friend and artist, Patricia DeCray; artist and sister, Rita Lerman; and my Tuesday group of painters. Their encouragement, inspiration and generous guidance have been invaluable.

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