The Kathy Arleth Collection

Visit Kathy's work at: Great Bay Art Gallery

Kathleen M. Arleth is a Somers Point, NJ artist who works in the media of watercolor and pen and ink. She specializes in landscapes and streetscapes of the local area and from her many visits to small towns and villages of Europe, especially the West of Ireland and Southern Italy.

Arleth also portrays the images that reflect her fondness for the environment in and around the inlets and bays of southern New Jersey and has created the pen and ink series of the nostalgic landmarks of bayside Somers Point.

The artists is the owner of Great Bay Gallery in Somers Point and has organized several projects including The Point of Porches, Bridges, Boats and Things that Float and Inside/Out: Transparency and Reflection, Somers ‘Scapes: The Places You’ll Go! and in 2011 Come to the Garden Party: A Floral Collaboration.

Arleth has exhibited at many local venues, including the Ocean City Fine Arts League, 4th Street Café, the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts, the Atlantic County Senior Exhibit and the Educational Testing Service Conference Center in Princeton,

I am an artist of place and feeling. I hope that people are able to see the depth of feeling that I have for special places with the power and the spirit that dwells in those places and perhaps after seeing, share the experience and take some of that emotion with them.

The Cafe Series

4th Street Cafe - Ocean City Watercolor Framed Print 20 x 18 $250. Print $70 219 Cafe - Philadelphia Watercolor Framed Print 25 x 21 $275. Print $90 Expresso - Philadelphia Watercolor Framed Print 25 x 21 $275. Print $90 Java by the Sea - Fort Meyers Beach Watercolor Framed Original 20 x 15 $300. Print $70 Madeline's Bar - Saratoga Springs Watercolor Framed Print 25 x 21 $275 Sorrento Cafe - Little Italy New York City Watercolor Framed Print 25 x 21 $275