The Joanne Coffman Collection

Joanne Coffman

After receiving her BA in Visual Arts from West Virginia University, Joanne migrated from her home state of WV to southern New Jersey. She has exhibited her art at the Ocean City Art Center, TLC, Shore Memorial Hospital, Nashville North Studio, Chora Leone Gallery, Virua Hospital, Ocean City Fine Arts League, Jesse Creek Winery and Riverfront Renaissance. Professionally, Joanne is a Realtor, who enjoys cooking, gardening, fishing, and most of all, her friends and family.

She resides in Egg Harbor Twp., New Jersey, with her husband David Goldmann.

Artist's Statement

As a young adult I was interested in drawing and painting. Needing to support myself financially, I entered the business world, and my artistic efforts went dormant.

Fast forward 30 years . . .

I became curious about painting in watercolor, and signed up to take a class. This renewed my interest in producing art, and with the encouragement of others, I entered my work and was accepted in the OCAC juried art show. With confidence, now boosted, I began exploring portraiture and the human form. I began working in graphite to create imaginative images. The viewer may see a face or two, perhaps a limb, along wtih animate and inanimate objects. There is no right or wrong interpretation, and if my drawing evokes emotion, I have been successful.

Most recently I've been using fluid acrylics, a medium that combines chemistry and paint. I strive to achieve abstract images in pleasing color pallets featuring unusual techniques. The results allow the viewer to individually decide what they see, allowing inclusion of their own imagination.

Truths I believe . . .

1. There's no such thing as a straight line.

2. Usual is unusual

3. Some of the best conversations I've had have been with myself

Through my artwork I express dreams, ideas, and emotions. My images evolve from a concept or random thought, and are often altered as they progress. But then, as with anything in life, adjustments must be made along the way.

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