The Doreen Khebzou Collection

I love to work and create with my hands and I am very susceptible to visual beauty and images. A lovely walk has many lingering stops and my pockets fill with interesting rocks and feathers.

Art was always my favorite subject. I rediscovered this passion when my children grew up. I have taken many classes and workshops and love the stimulation from other artists in the classroom. I also love to practice, read and study on my own and teaching art has also been a great way for me to learn as well.

Human beings are the only creatures that attempt to represent what they see or feel and painting connects me with my humanity and the need to create something for myself or others. It also puts me more more often into the realm of others who share or shared this compulsion.

I love to work with any medium but oil paints are my current preference. They are the most plein air friendly. I love the sights of South Jersey and can easily find somewhere local to set up my easel and paint. Painting outdoors is a wonderful experience for me. It allows me to combine my great love of nature and art. When I paint under the sky...I discover threads of my own spiritual connection to life and earth.