In Memory of Deb Spinella

After a brave battle with cancer, Deb passed away in October of 2015. Deb's family and friends will remember her as a talented, independent, fun-loving and brave woman with a big heart.

As with life, I believe art is as a journey, not a destination. I view my artwork as a journey of self-discovery and self-expression of what moves me as I take life’s voyage. Life is a curious thing that sometimes moves too swiftly. This is what motivates me to “stop and smell the roses,” and look at things more closely through art. For me, there is a magic in creating art – a peculiar, moving force which is felt, but cannot always be analyzed. This is my challenge.

As a self-taught artist, I invested the early years of my artistic career working in the post modernist, two-dimensional technique of complex forms and vibrant colors most often identified as in the style of Kandinski. More recently, I have used watercolor, oils, and ultimately pastels to express my passion of our region’s gorgeous sunsets, tranquil seascapes and breathtaking skylines. I have been inspired by the pastel works of Stan Sperlack, and have taken courses led by him and other local artists. I enjoy creating smaller pieces, as they require the viewer to more get up close and personal to observe, sometimes invoking a mysterious bond with the viewer. Although I work from my home studio, recently I have been investing much of my free time in the coastal areas of the Jersey Cape, where I find inspiration in the atmosphere surrounding the region’s coastlines, wetlands, and waterways.

At the End of the Road - Pastel Back Road to Cape May - Pastel Breaking Wave - Pastel Cape May Point Light House - Pastel Departing Storm - Pastel Hammonton Lake Path - Pastel Honeysuckle at the Lake - Pastel Rising Tide in the Salt Marsh - Pastel Sunset at the Toll Bridge - Pastel Wildflowers - Pastel