The Carol Zerbe Collection

Carol Zerbe

Education: Undergraduate degree from Moore College of Art & Design. Graduate Degree from Tyler School of Art of Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Career: Carol had a 38 year career as an art educator in three different public school systems.

In 2007 I retired from my career in education. Since that time I've been able to pursue my favorite art medium of watercolor. I love the spontaneity, sparkle, layering of transparent washes, occasional white space and textural effects you can achieve only in this medium. The elements of color and light are of particular importance to me also as both of these properties give a painting drama and life. While I paint a variety of subjects I especially enjoy painting the landscape and always paint it en plein air, starting on location and completing the painting in my studio. I truly believe that when an artist paints outdoors on location as the Impressionists did many years ago, a special sensitivity and interpretation of the subject is achieved. A few years ago I began attending jazz music concerts and sketching the musicians while they were playing their instruments. This started an entirely new style of abstract watercolor painting for me. While figures and instruments are recognizable the sounds are suggested in splashes of color. This abstract style has been a refreshing change, lively and bold in contrast. Hopefully either style of my painting brings a special enjoyment and experience to the viewer of my work.

Jazz at the Pointe - 23.5x28, Watercolor, $700 (framed) (available in 16x20 matted print for $60) George M. and Friends - 11.75x14.75, Watercolor, $200 (framed) Lobster Buoys II - 21x28, Watercolor, $600 (framed) Waitsfield Inn, VT - 18x22, Watercolor, $425 (framed) Cat on the Porch - 23.5x30, Watercolor, $485 (framed) Taos Pueblo - 25x32, Watercolor, $825 (framed) Winter In Bucks County - 20x28, Watercolor, $600 (unframed) Archway at St. Geronimo Lodge - 18x25, Watercolor, $600 (unframed) O'Keeffe Country - 31x38, Watercolor, $800 (framed) Adobe Home Near Taos NM - 18x23, Watercolor, $450 (framed)