The Michele Pasciullo Collection

My love affair with mosaics started in 2008 when I was laid off from my office job. I took this setback as an opportunity to “find my bliss.” Earning an AA in Graphic Design from Cumberland County College several years before, I had always enjoyed layout and design. Modern computer software frustrated me however and I preferred to do things by hand. Mosaics give me the tactile experience that inspires me. In the relatively short time that I’ve considered myself a mosaicist, I’ve created hundreds of pieces and am continuously experiment with new materials and surfaces. I’ve created candleholders, vases, flowerpots, mirrors, picture frames, collage, stained glass mosaic panels, ornaments, address plaques, and even large murals. In addition to displaying my work at OCFAL, I hang at coffee shops and consignment stores. I also teach workshops at local libraries and at Glazed Over Studios on Asbury Avenue in Ocean City where I work part-time. After attending a weekend workshop with Isaiah Zagar in Philadelphia last spring, I was inspired to create a large community project and enlisted the support of two local businesswomen. The result is the mosaic rainbow mural at Who’s on First Café at 1st & Asbury. We have plans to continue adding to this project as well as starting a few more. It’s my hope that my joy in creating mosaics comes through to anyone who looks at them.

Camping In the Pines - 7.5'x3', Mosaic Rainbow Mosaic Mural - 6'x9', Mosaic Flower Garden - 5'x3', Mosaic Spiral Plate - 10 inch diameter, Mosaic Flowerpot - 6 inch terra cotta pot, Mosaic Three Fish - 18x10, Mosaic Vases - 10 inches tall, Mosaic Plate - 7 inch diameter, Mosaic Rainbow Giraffe - 12x18, Mosaic Spiral Tree Backsplash - 6'x4', Mosaic