The Mayer Kersun Collection

Mayer Kersun

Mayer Kersun started drawing cartoons when he was about 5 or 6 years old and then took some art classes through high school. He did not get serious about art until he was in his 60s. He retired from his business and started drawing, painting, and taking classes again. He leans toward people,illustrations, and caricatures. Giclee prints are available for any painting from $75.00.

Churchill - 18x24, Acrylic, $109 Let's Talk - 20x16, Giclee Print, $75 The Chairman - 16x20, Oil, $150 Stevie - 16x20, Acrylic, $109 Einstein - 18x24, Acrylic, $109 Ali - 24x18, Oil, $129 The Babe - 20x24, Acrylic, $129 Dean & Jerry - 18x24, Acrylic, $109 Freud - 18x24, Acrylic, $120 Churchill - 18x24, Acrylic, $109