The Jin Kim Reynolds Collection

Jin Kim Reynolds

Jin Kim Reynolds has been involved in the art world all her life. She came from a family that appreciated fine art. Jin studied art in college and learned many of the modern techniques. She has done volunteer work at her church teaching bible art. Artistic themes rendered in highly nature scene paintings often portray settings such as stream, oceans, fish, lighthouses and sunsets. Jin gets a lot of inspiration from her husband who is an avid outdoorsman. She finds the beauty of nature captivating, and it motivates her to transform it onto the canvas.

Blackfish - 20x16, Acrylic, $250 (framed) Striped Bass - 24x18, Acrylic, $250 (framed) Sailfish - 24x18, Acrylic, $230 (framed) Morning On the Bay - Mixed Media, NFS Longfin Bannerfish - 20x16, Acrylic, $280 (framed) Bluefish Feeding - 24x18, Acrylic, $200 (unframed) Clownfish - 24x18, Acrylic, $180 (unframed) Sliced Fruit - 24x18, Acrylic, $150 (unframed) Lionfish - 24x18, Acrylic, $350 (framed) Old Fishing Dock - 12x16, Acrylic, $160 (framed)