The Erin Castaldi Collection

Erin Castaldi

My name is Erin Castaldi and I am relatively new to the Ocean City arts scene. I feel it a privilege to be surrounded by so much talent. Life, for me, has been about the pursuit of creative expression in as many forms as I can. I love to write, make jewelry, sketch, knit, quilt and paint. Though I have little formal training in painting; I keep in mind that an inventive soul needs no direction. I adore using oils however I feel drawn to watercolors. They seem to require a gentler touch and this medium is what I come to instinctually. A perfect day includes my paints and I en plein air. Living near the beach I have infinite possibilities between sunrise, sunset and every time in between.

I live with my adoring husband and two basset hounds. While I live with the difficulties of the chronic illness of lupus, I make a point in creating something new every day. It may be a sketch, a journal entry or a painting. I feel compelled to encourage myself in some way, every day. My other passion is teaching English as a Second Language. Helping adults learn English is a beautiful gift to give.

Girl #1 - 11x14, Watercolor, $35 Steer On A Wall - 11x14, Watercolor, 140 lb paper