The Daniela Atanasova Collection

Daniela Atanasova

Why is better to live on the beach? Because it's possible to find everything that you need for art creations: Sea Shells, Stones, Sea Glass, Draft Wood and the most important wonderful inspirations.

I was born in Bulgaria. I have a master degree in Fine arts from - VT University" Sv. Sv. Cyril & Methodius" in Bulgaria. I was specialized in the art of painting. I worked as a Fashion designer and a Pattern-maker in "Paruchev - Fashion House" in Bulgaria for 12 years.

When my husband and I moved to the USA at the beginning of the summer of 2016, I was very inspired by the OCEAN and its eternal energy.

When I come to Ocean City, NJ, I started to implement my artistic ideas in a totally new way for me. I started to do 3- Dimensional art and to use new for me ocean "materials"/sea shells, sea glass and etc.

I had felt the OCEAN so real and magnificent and could not believe, how can I "lock" it within the frame. I became a sculpture artist and the art painting was not enough for me to express my feelings.