The Brad Hagmayer Collection

Brad Hagmayer is a Ceramic Artist from Royersford, Pennsylvania. Beyond Royersford, Brad spent much of his life in Ocean City, New Jersey where his father operated a gift shop on the boardwalk till 1972 and the family continues strong ties with the city by way of a second home.

Brad has been doing art since a young child and has won numerous awards in several mediums. A graduate of Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, with a BA in Art Studio, in 1988.

Brad's subject matter is the animal kingdom. This also includes, fish, insects, plants, mythological beasts and some made up creatures. His art focus is based on his respect and admiration for all creatures non-human. Permissive and encouraging parents, have let Brad obtain, house, breed and raise any critter he could get his hands on, as well as his experience with the family's pets thru the years.

Brad has focused his talents in the last ten years on his ceramic arts. He is a member of the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, Pennsylvania where he is known for his Octopus, Mushrooms, Rabbits and French Bulldogs as well as a few other creatures. He works with both Low Fire and High Fire clays and glazes and dabbles in Raku as well.

Brad has done one particular ceramic sculpture topic and sold them throughout the USA and the world including Canada, England, France, Finland, Norway, Germany, Israel, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. What animal themed ceramic sculpture would have been popular, the world over?

Brad has also practically used his admiration with animals by spending his adult life working in the Veterinary Field and is currently a Practice Manager for a veterinary office in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

All of Brad's artwork includes small traces of dog and cat hair as part of his process.